Why We Failed the Whole 30 Cleanse

Thinking about doing a Whole 30 Cleanse?

Tips for a Successful Whole30

Well I didn’t do so well at the Whole 30 cleanse… More like a Whole 22 or 23…

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Don’t let this post deter you from doing a Whole 30 cleanse- I really do believe in the health benefits of the Whole 30 and eating a Paleo diet in general.

If you aren’t familiar with the Whole 30, check out this book HERE. I really do believe in the values of this diet.

For some background information, and maybe as a better psychological understanding of the way my brain works… I am a Libra. Whether or not you believe in astrology or horoscopes (I totally drink the Kool-aid), I am definitely the type of personality that jives with the Libra description. I seek balance in all things. I can see all sides of a situation. I am a peace-keeper.

Because I enjoy balance, I am so uncomfortable with extremes. Extreme bad is obvious, but extreme good can give me a bummer-let-down afterwards. Am I impossible to please?!

The Whole 30 cleanse was/is definitely an extreme way of eating (for most people). So I really should have anticipated the difficulty, you would think. I did learn how to create the perfect salad, though. Read about that HERE.

Some things I didn’t expect, and/or would do differently next time:

Just eat the same thing every day and stop trying to be inventive and creative.

Ooph. This is a hard one for me. I don’t know if I have ever made the same meal, exactly the same way, more than once. Well, maybe taco ring on Halloween, that’s a tradition. I am always changing up spices, adding this or that, using up something that’s about to go bad in the fridge.

I also felt like I was at the grocery store every day. This doesn’t have to happen this way. Just eat the same thing for dinner for 3 or 4 days. It’s not that bad. It’s easier. Just do it.

Tips for a Successful Whole30

Next time, I will just eat the same thing for a couple of days. It’s too hard to be doing something new that effects your ENTIRE day, and make every meal unique on top of that. Too much.

Set some ground rules with any whole 30 partners.

My husband is super athletic and fit. He eats salad for dessert. Sometimes I want to punch him.

He was excited to do the Whole 30 with me, and I was glad to have some emotional support, because I did foresee that this would be a bit of a roller coaster!



There are very few foods my husband doesn’t like.. and 90% of them are Paleo/Whole 30 staples. He HATES eggs. Eggs are one thing that I’ve never gotten sick of. He doesn’t like mushrooms or mayo, either. These are definitely a few things I could have used more to jazz up my Whole 30.

I’m the meal-maker in our household. If I made eggs for dinner, and my husband didn’t eat them, I was afraid he would throw in the towel and get a big bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch… which would send me into a downward spiral of self-loathing and depression = HANGRY!

Next time, we will divide and conquer the meal planning/preparing a little bit more.

Try to avoid any holiday or events when picking whole 30 time frame

We did our Whole 30 mid-May through mid-June. It was a terrible (but could have been worse) choice. With all of the open houses and Memorial Day BBQ’s, what a disaster.

There’s nothing more embarrassing to me than a whole group of party-goers talking about what diet you’re on, and what you can and cannot eat, and why are you on a diet any way? And how many times was I asked if I was actually pregnant and covering up the fact that I couldn’t eat or drink anything by being on this diet that no one seemed to have heard of. UGH. (Which actually would be a great cover that I may use when Baby #2 comes along.)

Anyway, it’s hard enough to keep your mind focused on the fact that the Whole 30 is a GREAT thing when you’re passing by a Dairy Queen… I don’t need 30 strangers giving me ammo to can my hard work and mow down an Oreo Blizzard.


Don’t expect perfection on your first try.

This is a tough one for me because I always want to be the best at everything I do, the first time I do it.

The hardest thing about the Whole 30 (for me) wasn’t the food. The food was fine. The hardest thing was being afraid to mess up. I was afraid I would eat something that I (honestly) didn’t know what a no-no. Or that I would be in a situation where I HAD to eat an off-limits food. I even had dreams that I ate ice cream or sweets and I was so disappointed in myself.



So much pressure.

This is probably part of the plan of the diet and breaking the “mental” ties to food. It was definitely the hardest part of the diet, and I think I may be able to deal with it better the second time around.

Which brings me to my next point:

I will do the Whole 30 cleanse again.

One day.

I learned a lot of helpful things, and I really did feel better, even if I gave up early! Perhaps it would have been better if we had done a tester week to get our feet wet, then did the whole Whole 30 a week or two later.

I’m curious if anyone else has some tips – Whole 30 cleanse or other cleanses… please share!

Making a Delicious Salad That You Actually Want to Eat

Making a Delicious Salad That You Actually Want to Eat… Every Time!

I have finally mastered the art of making a delicious salad that is healthy and completed consumed! Yes, it actually can happen!

plate clearing salad

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There are actually 7 components necessary to making a perfect salad every time.

Last summer my husband and I did a Whole 30 (or like, Whole 23…) and I had to get creative. I was tweaking recipes from all my favorite magazines to make them compliant. There were lots of salad recipes that I would try, and make changes when necessary.

That is where I realized:

The 7 Components Necessary to Making a Perfect Salad Every Time!

    1. Pick & prep your lettuce carefully! Most lettuces don’t need much prep besides a good wash (read my post on How to Properly Wash Your Produce HERE), and spin in the old salad spinner (*obsessed with my salad spinner*). If I am using kale (which I use a LOT), I always rub it down with olive oil and a lil’ bit of sea salt. ALWAYS. Trust me, if you’re an anti-kale, just try this step. Rub in down in a tablespoon or two of olive oil and voila! Step one complete to making a perfect salad every time.



2. Add something warm. Perhaps it’s your protein, perhaps it is warm roasted butternut squash, perhaps it’s toasted pecans. You’ve gotta have something warm.

3. Something crunchy. Sunflower seeds, thin carrot slices, celery, croutons. Something crunchy is key.

4. Something salty/savory. BACONNNNN, bleu cheese, pickled veggies, or more bacon.

5. Something sweet! Think: dried cranberries, pomegranate seeds, sliced apples (a go-to for me, since I always have apples in the house for my 3 year old). Maybe its because I have a sweet tooth, maybe it really is the most important step of all…

6. Choose your dressing carefully. I really like to stick with oil/vinaigrette dressings, not creamy, milk-based dressings. (I mean I’m human and ranch is delicious, but I’m trying not to kill my salad.) Panera has a shallot vinaigrette you can get at most grocery stores now, I’m kind of hooked on that lately. It just goes with everything, and I like SIMPLE!



7.Here’s your seventh tip for making the perfect salad every time: don’t double down on your categories. For example, don’t get maple-flavored bacon and count that as sweet, warm, savory, and crunchy. (Because really at that point, just forget the lettuce!!!) Have each category represented, even if you end up having two warm things, or two salty things. Trust me, this is probably the most important step of all!