Making a Delicious Salad That You Actually Want to Eat

Making a Delicious Salad That You Actually Want to Eat… Every Time!

I have finally mastered the art of making a delicious salad that is healthy and completed consumed! Yes, it actually can happen!

plate clearing salad

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There are actually 7 components necessary to making a perfect salad every time.

Last summer my husband and I did a Whole 30 (or like, Whole 23…) and I had to get creative. I was tweaking recipes from all my favorite magazines to make them compliant. There were lots of salad recipes that I would try, and make changes when necessary.

That is where I realized:

The 7 Components Necessary to Making a Perfect Salad Every Time!

    1. Pick & prep your lettuce carefully! Most lettuces don’t need much prep besides a good wash (read my post on How to Properly Wash Your Produce HERE), and spin in the old salad spinner (*obsessed with my salad spinner*). If I am using kale (which I use a LOT), I always rub it down with olive oil and a lil’ bit of sea salt. ALWAYS. Trust me, if you’re an anti-kale, just try this step. Rub in down in a tablespoon or two of olive oil and voila! Step one complete to making a perfect salad every time.



2. Add something warm. Perhaps it’s your protein, perhaps it is warm roasted butternut squash, perhaps it’s toasted pecans. You’ve gotta have something warm.

3. Something crunchy. Sunflower seeds, thin carrot slices, celery, croutons. Something crunchy is key.

4. Something salty/savory. BACONNNNN, bleu cheese, pickled veggies, or more bacon.

5. Something sweet! Think: dried cranberries, pomegranate seeds, sliced apples (a go-to for me, since I always have apples in the house for my 3 year old). Maybe its because I have a sweet tooth, maybe it really is the most important step of all…

6. Choose your dressing carefully. I really like to stick with oil/vinaigrette dressings, not creamy, milk-based dressings. (I mean I’m human and ranch is delicious, but I’m trying not to kill my salad.) Panera has a shallot vinaigrette you can get at most grocery stores now, I’m kind of hooked on that lately. It just goes with everything, and I like SIMPLE!



7.Here’s your seventh tip for making the perfect salad every time: don’t double down on your categories. For example, don’t get maple-flavored bacon and count that as sweet, warm, savory, and crunchy. (Because really at that point, just forget the lettuce!!!) Have each category represented, even if you end up having two warm things, or two salty things. Trust me, this is probably the most important step of all!